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Monika Kupiec

Love's Consciousness

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In my early days of meditation when I was 17 years old, I practiced a mindfulness technique of internal forgiveness and seeing the world as a reflection of my thoughts and emotions. Love's Consciousness is the concept of the energy I use during healing sessions-- the extraction of one's higher self into the physical realm. Benefits of the energy in this painting include: increase sense of self, feeling more unconditional love from within, more ease of time, return to the present moment.

Painting can be further attuned to your energy, please request upon checkout!

One-of-a-kind original painting with no prints available. Enhance the energy of any environment with this heavy-texture wave painting. 

    Colors include: shades of blues and whites

    Size: 16x20in

    Acrylic on 3in thick canvas

    Shipped from Hawaii, USA

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