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Monika Kupiec

Mini EnergyPortrait Wave Painting

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The mini EnergyPortrait wave is an introductory piece of healing to see the colors of your soul represented by a wave.

A wave represents the power and strength of the sea. By channeling your soul's energy into a wave painting, I visually help you see your eternal power and beauty.

The painting evolves with you in helping you feel seen, heard and understood at any stage of your life.

Included are channeled messages and personal affirmations.

EnergyPortraits are channeled by Monika from a photo reference-- making it great for gifting and surprising your loved one!

**Mini EnergyPortraits waves can be customized for individual, couples, pet, planets or mediumship offerings. When I contact you for photo references, I will reconfirm who the painting is for.

Size: 4x4in & 5x5in on a wood canvas

9x12 & 11x14 on premium canvas

Additional sizing please schedule a call or email:

Signed and numbered for authenticity

Acrylic on gallery canvas 1.5'' thickness

Worldwide shipping available

Turn around time 3-4 weeks after order placed

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    Additional shipping charge for Originals paintings may be added as a separate invoice if shipping cost is over the estimated quote from checkout. You are responsible for international custom fees.

  • Custom Sizing & Photo References

    Please email: for more sizing options, special order request and photo references for your EnergyPortrait paintings.