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Monika Kupiec Art

Planet Energy Wave

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I know Pluto isn’t a planet but his energy wanted to be painted. He didn’t want to be left out.

Get an intuitive planet energy wave painting with an attunement. What’s the process? I intuitively pick a planet that is most needed for your current transitional period. Pick a set of 1, 3 or all 9! If you prefer to pick your own planet, that is okay too (let me know in the notes upon checkout).

As astrology has been written many many years ago, I create this painting for you to bring in new codes of your soul's connection with the planets. Use these paintings to enhance your meditation practice, increase focus on everyday tasks, and increase your connection and presence with the world around.

All I need is a photo reference to get started!
What’s included:
💙 5x5in Planet Energy Wave
💙 Written reading about your planet & your energy field
💙 A follow up chat when you receive your painting(s)

When you receive your planet wave, the textures and colors may vary as the pictured ones are attuned to your energy field.

Reserve your Planet Energy Wave today!

Made on 5x5in wood canvas

Turnaround time with dry time to shipment can be up to 4-6 weeks

Additional questions, please email me:

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  • Custom Sizing & Photo References

    Please email: for more sizing options, special order request and photo references for your EnergyPortrait paintings.