feel. by Monika // Signature Sticker

Monika Kupiec

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Each shirt is activated to your energy to induce healing and authentic power!

Feeling is a portal. A portal to the present moment. I am here to give you the message to feel. Because there is no greater gift of being this human form than to feel the wonders of your soul.

Your day may seem hard or pleasurable yet your awareness is always consciously present. Distortion occurs so that you can feel this present reality even more fully. Let this word remind you to feel from your essence not from your ego.


feel. by Monika // signature sticker 3x2''


wear your authenticity. honor your state of consciousness. feel.

Quality is my main mission with the choice of this sticker & professionally screen-printed locally.


Sticker size: 3in by 2in

Made in USA

Printed in Hawaii in a facility powered by the sun