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Monika Kupiec

Wave 05

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Day 5: I ground myself within my body to experience the present moment.

Moments after finishing this painting, it started to rain. Instead of worrying that the painting will get ruined, I embraced the rain by surrendering to it. I felt revealed and refreshed. Please note, the painting is more smudged due to the rain drops with sand. The painting holds the energy of embracing the moment as it is.

For 30 days I went out for sunrise to paint the energy of the day. I channeled colors and an affirmation to visually showcase how energy shifts daily.

The concept of this painting challenge was to also remind you that your personal energy changes. It is okay to feel differently each day. 

What I gained from this experience is that each day holds a significant energy that helps us in the future. But one needs to be present in order to really feel the power and message from the present moment.

Each wave represents our state of being shifts like a wave yet we are part of one ocean. Being mindful with yourself is the reminder each painting holds.

Reiki Art, Affirmations

Size: 7x8in

Material: Matte Acrylic on treated wood block

Made on Banzai Pipeline Beach, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Please allow 3-5 days to properly pack your energetic order prior to shipment.

*Colors of the painting may vary from screen to physical item

**Some parts of the wood block may be rough

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