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Monika Kupiec


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 A channeling of the 11th dimension spirit beings: Xuvdup

 While I paint, spirit beings help me in each creation. During this painting, I felt a new being with me. It was a warm, sensual feeling of lightness and dark merging as one. 

This statement piece can be used for elevating your meditation practice, integrating the 11th dimension consciousness, and welcoming forgiveness, acceptance and love's frequency into your space.

4-in-1 painting can be turned to any orientation for continual energy activations in raising your consciousness.

One-of-a-kind original painting by Monika Kupiec. No replications of this painting will be made. Signed and numbered for authenticity.

Size: 30x40in

Acrylic on 1.5in thick canvas

Shipped from Hawaii, USA

*Frame is not included. If you need help framing your piece, please write in notes at checkout or email:

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Painting's Story:

In 2020, I painted a Water Phoenix wave on this canvas but I felt it wasn't finished. At the end of 2021, I felt called to cover it with black paint. I painted the first layer of textures in the dark to eliminate my sense of sight and judgement for the color palette. I surrendered to the present time and felt a new but familiar presence with me. After the painting was finished, I had channeled the 11th dimension spirit beings called the Xuvdup. The painting has an undertone of light texture from the energy of the Water Phoenix with an upgraded energy field to welcome true forgiveness of the self.


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