"Working with Monika was a wonderful experience. From the first point of contact to delivering and unveiling our couples' energy portrait, I felt welcomed by her knowledge and love for this art in the process. It was so cool to see how she used the pictures of my husband and I to create our energy analysis of sorts, and how she incorporated the colors into the wave. I felt her interpretation was spot on and appreciated the written note explaining the colors and textures. It's an intentional gift to give yourself or a loved one, and I plan to continue to give and share with those I know. Thank you again and cannot wait to work more together in the future!" - Ashley F. 

"I bought myself a 4x4 wave portrait as well as one for my mother as a gift and they were beautiful. I truly believe Monika captured the essence of us in our portraits--we both got very emotional when we saw ours for the first time. It's the best gift I've ever given to others as well as myself, I can't recommend this art enough if you're looking for something unique and personal." - Jaymi

"Such a gorgeous and unique painting. I am so pleased with the final product and how detailed everything was. Highly recommend!" - Maddie L

"Monika created a personalized Mini EnergyPortrait Wave Painting for me this past summer. It is absolutely beautiful and I get so many compliments on it. It is high quality and I feel extremely connected with it. I emailed her a few times and she was so friendly and professional. Thank you! 😀" - Isabella D

"There's something so special about seeing your energy brought to "life" The vibrant colors, the affirmations, and the beauty and power of an ocean wave are a powerhouse trio. I have gifted energy portraits to the strong women in my life and each time seeing their essence "alive" on the canvas gives me goosebumps. Monika is beyond talented and I am so grateful she shares her gift with the world." - McKenna W

"I purchased an energy portrait for my sister's birthday, and she absolutely loved it. She was immediately drawn to the vibrant colors Monkia intuitively chose, and now she has it on display in her office. I would highly recommend Monkia's work, either for yourself or someone else. Her paintings are beautiful and thoughtful, and they bring joy to all those who see them." Liliana s 

"I love my energy portrait! Never realized that gold was my calling and now I have appreciation for that color!  The energy of my wave is amazing! So true! Looking to add some prints to my collection!" - Terence

"Monika is amazing to work with and very attuned to Energy. Her art is thought and feeling provoking; it provides immense comfort and beauty to our home. Monika has abilities to *see* and *know* things without ever having met you, but it is very apparent that she is tapped into your Energy and able to commune with your Spirit Guides to produce your truest EnergyPortrait. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for something unique, those who wish to feel seen, and even just those who enjoy the process of art creation. <3" - Rene S

"Monika has such an amazing gift and is such an insightful human. My painting is so incredibly beautiful. She did a full write up on all the things she saw and felt. I couldn't be more grateful and utterly in awe of her gift and ability to relate and share her gift with others." - Sarah J

"The entire experience was magical! I love the energy of my painting it is so powerful." - Pamela

"We met Monica a few years ago on the North Shore and have truly enjoyed her art.  The small pieces of Aloha we have from her in our house remind us of previous visits and keeps us focused on our next visit back.  Thank you Monica!" - Andrew

"I purchased a mini energy portrait wave painting by Monika as a gift for my mom, who's been enduring chronic illness. The painting and included description, complete with intuited affirmations, was exactly what I was looking for - radiating with positive energy and intention, as well as many joyfully saturated colors. The quality of this piece will last a lifetime and beyond, and Monika's intuition-guided creativity has brought joy and light to my mom and is sure to be admired by all." - Somer H.

"This rich, 3d energy portrait surpassed any expectations I might have had--I just love the vibrance and interactive nature of Monica's artistic genius in communication with my essence, eternally grateful!" - Tina W

"Monika is wonderful and so talented. I reached out with some questions before placing the order to my friend and she was so quick to respond and helpful!! The painting is absolutely gorgeous and my friend was floored and so happy when she received it!!" - Mindy P