Monika Kupiec feel.


In the beginning of 2020, I sliced my head open surfing. From the impact of my board's fin onto my head, I instantly called upon my guides and whoever wanted to help me through the situation. As blood was pouring over my face, I remained very alert and aware even from a few moments of feeling dizzy. Instead of reacting why did this happen to me, I surrendered to the energy that was filling me up as I went back to shore. 


From receiving 5 staples on my head, I wasn't able to surf. I had picked up painting about a year ago, because I kept hearing my inner voice tell me to start even without any prior experience in it. Since I was out of the water, I tried to embody more of my energy when I surfed while painting waves.


Monika Kupiec Acrylic Painting Ocean Waves  


Painting became my meditation. I explored the energy by asking it to help me paint. I would follow what color to use, how to paint a certain technique and continued to listen rather than think my way through painting. 


My intuition grew stronger after this surfing accident. It opened the door for me to channel messages while painting. Each painting holds a high vibrational energy that can serve as a meditation tool and healing activation. 


I have 14 years of experience with energy work. I enjoy serving my gifts in this manner as I am creating a tangible object in which energy can be seen. My mission is to express love and color so that you can see your divine holiness on Earth through my art.


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