Your Abstract EnergyPortrait:

To see your energy in the abstract form will help you feel calmer daily. The textures and shapes form into figures and shapes that offer clarity from your childhood and who you are now. The painting serves as a mirror of your true self. In understanding your energy through the healing colors, your chakras (energy centers in your body) are balanced.

With 14 years of experience, I combine healing energy and painting to create EnergyPortraits. I tune into your true self and paint a real mirror of your essence, reflecting your inner beauty and helping you to connect with your true self. Like the sea, the earth needs you to exist.

Use your painting when you experience feelings of sadness or feel out-of-place. Seeing your energy helps awaken your true self. It helps to increase your authenticity and self-expression. Attuned with Reiki healing energy for you, you will keep on receiving healing as you look at it.

This unique 4-in-1 painting has four views, turn it around, and you can find new meaning within each view.

The painting even evolves as you shift and grow in new stages of your life.


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How your EnergyPortrait comes to life:

What collectors are saying:

"Love Love Love!! Thank you so much for this video. It's awesome! Definitely brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart. It helped me understand the painting more too. My room definitely feels like it's all me now. The ex hardly ever enters my mind now when I lay in bed. Yay! There's nothing but positive energy and love in the room now. (no more toxicity) You're the best! and so so talented!" - Denise F.
"Monika's paintings are exceptional, and I'm super pleased with the artwork. I was looking for a unique piece that would allow me to reminisce on some of my time spent on the North Shore, and her wave painting ended up being the perfect fit. The awesome textures, customized deep colors, and overall care in crafting this commissioned one-off, really make it stand out in my room at home, and it is always the first thing people ask about when they come in. Thanks again, Monika!!!" - Mike B.
"It reminds me of a warm summer night sitting on a beach that feels safe and just watching the ocean go by in a very tranquil relaxed state. For my room it gives it warmth even if it's cold right now here. I love the colors the way they mix and the flow in the wave. Surf, beach , summer." - Steve F.


Choose from 3 styles of EnergyPortraits to start your healing journey with my Reiki art.

Or schedule a call with Monika to learn more about how an EnergyPortrait can elevate your mental health.

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