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The Wave or The Abstract?

The EnergyPortrait Wave showcases your power and true essence through the build up of momentum. The base of the wave symbolizes grounding elements as the center represents your core foundations + values to propel you in this life with more symbolism found on the top of the wave. Each painting receives a detailed explanation to use as a guide for the colors + shapes that I find. The rest evolves with you through time

The Abstract EnergyPortrait is a storytelling of your soul. The movement and rhythm expands your self-awareness as each day you will be drawn to a new section of the painting to serve as an activation + assistance in the what you are feeling.

Turning your painting allows for the eye to see new shapes + figures that may have been unseen before thus symbolizing a transitional period is on its way, a new sense of openness. The Abstract is great for the modern home which will surely start up conversations with your guests. The larger the canvas, the more messages and energy come through to discover your eternal truth.

All I need is a photo reference to start!

Energy paintings can be customized for individual, couples, pets, spirit guides, business' + mediumship healings

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