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Monika Kupiec


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Dedicated to those facing trauma, this painting embodies resilience and growth. Despite setbacks, the mind and body grow stronger, initiating a transformative journey.

You, too, are growing stronger.

When words like "It's going to be okay" may not resonate, remember that you are evolving into a better version of yourself through these experiences of suffering. Embrace the full spectrum of your consciousness; it's a vital part of the journey of existence.

Becoming has a highly textured painting

Attuned with energy healing creating a high-vibrational Reiki art decor for your home.

    Colors include: white, black, gold

    Size: 40x30in

    Acrylic on 1.5in thick canvas

    Shipped from Hawaii, USA

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    Story behind the painting: My mind was troubled yesterday while surfing. My trauma returned of my past accident which made me extremely uneasy. I got out of the water and I was disappointed, frustrated and didn’t know how to cope with it. I haven’t felt this way in a while just shook by trauma. Trauma is a memory that is stuck in the body and mind. I let my mind and body feel fear. I let my mind and body take over even tho I was safe in the present moment. My concentration was terrible while painting.

    After most of the day had past, I decided to create movement by surrendering to the sensations of feeling down. I decided to stretch a new canvas and try something new. I used ink and heavy texture acrylics to free flow my emotions. This painting is dedicated to anyone dealing with a traumatic experience.


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