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Monika Kupiec Art

Day 18: Yoda

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Day 18: Energy of Yoda

The more open you become to the unknown, the more receptive you become to the rhythms of the universal languages that are unspoken. Listen and really hear the subtle energies of the world as there is a parallel force that joins all. 

It is through your openness of your body, mind and spirit that is capable of creating your destiny 

🩵 Turquoise teaches patience and time is only of the mind. When the attachment to time is let go, there is no rush but presence. This color helps to expand your perceptions of time and embody presence 

🪟Transparent white represents a time for grounding. One cannot master something without understanding the self first. When drawn to this color, see what you can eliminate from your life to pivot into living your truth

🪵 Open wood background represents openness. Look to the background to understand it is time to set aside your limitations and decide how you want to feel 

🌱 Lime Green: Helps increase your psychic and metaphysical abilities and awareness. Good time to connect with your happy place to communicate with spirit guides and intuition

🌲 Forest Green: Everything begins with your belief in self. When drawn to this color, journal, read, indulge in activities that raise your confidence and belief in self. Ask yourself, What are my beliefs? Who/What do I believe in? How can I increase these beliefs?

🌌 Dark Blue: Trust yourself 

A more in depth description will be made when you

Upgrade to a personalized written reading for what the colors mean for you or for the person you are gifting. 

4x4in Heavy Texture acrylic on wood canvas 

Ready to ship from Hawai'i 

Signed & numbered: 18/29

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