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Monika Kupiec Art

Day 25: Fangorn Forest - The Ents

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Day 25: The Ents from The Lord of the Rings 

I was rewatching the Two Towers and instantly felt I wanted to capture the energy of the Fangorn Forest. 

This piece will provide a sense a grounding and community when in your space. Here are the color meanings:

🫐Midnight blue: represents ancient wisdom. When drawn to this color, go sit next to a tree or visit a forest to feel the power and essence of the wisdom within the trees. Listen to the guidance you receive or the sense of clarity in the forest

🍯Gold: represents harmony and balance. When drawn to gold, reflect on your week to how balanced or unbalanced you felt. What can you incorporate to further improve on your overall balance in life. Do you need a vacation, time with friends, a nap or something else?

🍏Lime: represents community. Check in with your closest friends for support or time to let in fun. And see if who you’ve been hanging with truly serves your highest good and personal growth. Who you surround yourself with reflects your success and happiness 

🌰Red oxide: take time for grounding today. Is there something you’ve been missing to do lately? What activities make you feel more relaxed and acceptive with who you are?

🪺Turquoise: symbolizes empowerment. How can you expand your roots even more this week? This color encourages you to keep going after your mission

🌬️Off white: represents your vastness. Affirm: I am open to express my truth today. I see myself clearly. I welcome in the present moment for me today. I am grateful for this life. 

A more in depth description will be made when you 

Upgrade to a personalized written reading for what the colors mean for you or for the person you are gifting. 

4x4in Heavy Texture acrylic on wood canvas 

Ready to ship from Hawai'i 

Signed & numbered: 25/29

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