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Monika Kupiec Art

Day 26: Awakening Sexuality

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Day 26: Awakening sexuality 

A common block of energy within the body is found within the 2nd chakra, the creative and sexual energies

A sign of blocks in this area include blocking joy to enter your life, self sabotaging pleasure, a creative block, overspending and a decrease in finances 

Expanding the energetics within your lower belly, womb area for women, can increase your ability to bring your ambitions and manifestations to reality 

Use the background color to envision a ball of light surround your lower belly area. Then let that field of energy expand down to your feet, and upwards to the crown of your head

Then see what color you are drawn to use next, and keep repeating this exercise until all colors are used from the painting 

*You can also do this with your personal EnergyPortrait colors. Start with the background color in one area of the body and allow it the fill your entire self with the warming sensation of each color. This helps to expand your energy field to allow in your truth 

Color meanings within this painting:

🌎 Royal blue background: Your wisdom from all sources of life are available to you. Allow in presence during all activities to know you are not alone

🌱 Greens: Time for grounding. Go sit next to a tree, go on a longer walk 

🐯Gold: Be yourself. No greater gift than being truly yourself. You’ve chosen this body and life, so time to go after what you want. Gold helps to stimulate your desires and take action

🦢Beige: Honor your time. This color helps you build stronger boundaries within yourself. When you let people in that aren’t elevating you, your 2nd chakra shuts down. Practice forgiveness of self when drawn to this color. Know it is ok to start over

🕊️White: Be transparent with yourself. What matters is that you see yourself clearly, not the opinions of others to shape who you are. Be true to you when drawn to the whites

A more in depth description will be made when you 

Upgrade to a personalized written reading for what the colors mean for you or for the person you are gifting. 

5x5in Heavy Texture acrylic on wood canvas 

Ready to ship from Hawai'i 

Signed & numbered: 26/29

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