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Monika Kupiec

EnergyPortrait in Oils

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Experience the captivating interplay of colors and movement with my EnergyPortrait Abstract Painting, meticulously crafted using the delicate and luxurious energy of oil paint. As an artist with a profound understanding of energy work cultivated over 15 years, I bring forth your journey and the essence of your soul through layers of vibrant oils, creating a masterpiece that reflects your true self in physical form.

When you choose an EnergyPortrait, you not only receive a visually stunning artwork but also gain access to the profound messages embedded within. With each brushstroke, I receive divine downloads, channeling the mission of your soul. As a testament to this unique experience, you'll be provided with a copy of these messages, as well as the option to witness the artistic process through a mesmerizing time-lapse and voiceover video.

Just as life itself is a constant evolution, so too does your EnergyPortrait transform over time. The painting serves as a mirror of your growth and self-discovery, revealing new aspects of yourself as you embark on your personal journey of evolution and expansion.

Versatility is a hallmark of my EnergyPortrait Abstract Painting. The artwork can be turned in any direction, and you will receive it in the carefully guided orientation that unveils the most healing abstract shapes, perfectly aligned with the present moment.

Embrace the transformative power of the painting as it holds your sacred energy and acts as a powerful reminder of your divine source. Once the EnergyPortrait finds its place in your home, it begins to work its magic, while emanating unconditional love. Prepare to bask in the high vibrational energy that harmoniously aligns with your being.

Experience the wonder of your EnergyPortrait, where physical distance poses no limitation. Through my energetic connection, I tap into the guidance of your guides, higher self, and other divine sources. The result is an energy-infused masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of your unique journey, without the need for in-person meetings.

Unlock the profound connection between art and energy with my EnergyPortrait Abstract Painting. Let your true self shine through this visually captivating and energetically charged masterpiece.

Size: 16X20in on linen

Custom sizing please schedule a call or email:

PLEASE READ: Due to slow-dry of oil paint, your painting is not shipped out until 8-12 months when safe to handle. If you live locally on Oahu, painting can be delivered after 2 month mark. E-mail updates are provided.

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