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Monika Kupiec

EnergyPortrait in Acrylic

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Energy Portrait in Acrylic captures your soul's essence in a quick drying paint alternative to the original Energy Portrait in Oil. 

Acrylic paint is combined with a thickening gel to mimic consistency and textures of oil paint.

With over 15 years of experience in energy work, I share my gift of painting and channeling through creating your EnergyPortrait. It is a creation of your true self in physical form. I receive downloads of messages of your soul's mission in which you receive a copy of as well as option for time lapse and voiceover video of the process.

The painting changes as you begin to shift overtime. The painting is always you but as you grow and evolve you will notice new aspects of yourself in the painting. 

The painting can be turned in any direction. You will receive it in the guided orientation to reveal the most healing abstract textures and shapes in this present time.

The painting holds your sacred energy and remembrance of your source. Energy clearing and removal of emotional blockages may start to occur once the painting is in your home. A high vibrational artwork that works with you emitting unconditional love.

Energy portraits are done distantly where I do not need to meet you. I tap into your source energetically and receive your channeled messages from your guides, higher self and many others. 

Size: 16x20in

Custom sizing please schedule a call or email:

Acrylic on gallery canvas 1.5'' thickness

Custom sizing available & monthly payments available please inquire:

Order is shipped within 4-6 weeks after placing order to ensure adequate drying time. Email updates are provided on your painting.

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