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Monika Kupiec

EnergyPortrait Trio Set

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 Now in sets for 3! 

"His, Hers & Ours" is a combo set that is popular amongst couples, now as a package set for additional savings

The set of three can be personalized to any intention, not just for couples. Many clients have made them for their soul business, spirit guides, plant, place in nature and pets! 

I have 3 EnergyPortraits of my own in my bedroom for the Large Trio Set. Each day I wake up to the sight of feeling more connected with my truth

4x4 Trio - 3x 4x4in Waves 

5x5 Trio - 3x 5x5in Waves

The Classic Trio - 3x 16x20in Wave/Abstract Combo

Large Trio Set12x16in Wave, 16x20in Abstract & 24x36in Abstract or 2x 16x20in and 18x24in

XL Trio - 3x 30x40in Wave/Abstract Combo


As you embark on your personal journey of growth and self-discovery, the EnergyPortrait Painting evolves with you. It serves as a constant reminder that you are seen, heard, and understood at every stage of your life. The artwork becomes a mirror, capturing the essence of your being and accompanying you on your path of self-realization.

Included with your EnergyPortrait are channeled messages and personal affirmations. These words and empowering affirmations provide you with additional guidance and support, amplifying the transformative experience of connecting with your soul's energy.

Each EnergyPortrait is channeled directly from a photo reference by me. This approach makes it an exceptional gift to surprise and delight your loved ones. Give the gift of self-discovery and soulful connection, allowing your friends and family to experience the profound beauty of seeing their essence embodied in a wave painting.

Sizing in inches

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Signed and numbered for authenticity

Acrylic on canvas 1.5-3'' thickness

Turn around time 5-8 weeks after order placed 

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