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Monika Kupiec

Intuitive Pick Print

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Aloha there! I am thrilled to introduce myself as an experienced energy healer with over 15 years of practice. My purpose is to assist you in reconnecting with your inner truth through the powerful medium of color.

Allow me to guide you on a personalized journey by intuitively selecting a healing print from my exquisite collection of 12+ waves and abstracts. I will tap into the energies of each print and choose the one that resonates with your highest good. Rest assured, the selected print will receive additional energy activation specifically tailored for you.

If you are gifting a print to someone special, please provide their first and last name in the comments section. This will allow me to channel the healing energy directly to them, enhancing their well-being.

Utilize your chosen print as a potent tool for daily meditation, connecting you to its unique vibrations and raising the energetic frequency of your home. Brace yourself for friends and loved ones being irresistibly drawn to your space, as they'll find themselves consistently returning to bask in the uplifting atmosphere you've created!

It's important to note that prints hold the same healing energy as the original artwork. So you can fully experience the transformative power of the piece, knowing that its healing properties remain intact.

Allow me the honor of guiding you toward the perfect healing print, tailored to support your personal journey. Together, let us embark on this colorful and transformative path of rediscovery and self-healing.


Crafted using only the highest quality materials, my Energy Art Prints are produced on premium archival paper, ensuring long-lasting beauty that withstands the test of time. The rich pigments and fine details are faithfully reproduced, capturing the true essence of the original artwork.

Each print is available in a range of sizes and can be customized to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a small, intimate piece for your personal sanctuary or a large, bold statement for a shared space, I have the perfect size to meet your needs.

Discover the transformative power of our Energy Art Prints today and awaken your space to a new level of vibrancy and positivity. Shop now and unlock the potential to uplift your environment and nourish your soul.

PRINTED TO ORDER: Please allow 5-10 business days to beautifully print and pack before shipment. Rolled prints are shipped in a shipping tube. SIZING IN INCHES.


Printed in USA

    Sizes 16X20in and larger are shipped rolled.

     ** Don't see a size you need, please email:

      • Shipping

        Additional shipping charge for Originals paintings may be added as a separate invoice if shipping cost is over the estimated quote from checkout. You are responsible for international custom fees.

      • Custom Sizing & Photo References

        Please email: for more sizing options, special order request and photo references for your EnergyPortrait paintings.