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Monika Kupiec

Transcend the Shadows - Framed

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The painting holds the energy activation of increased self-awareness, self-acceptance and strengthens relationship with your intuition.

A moment in stillness transcends the shadows of the limiting mind.

One-of-a-kind original painting by Monika Kupiec. No replications of this painting will be made. Signed and numbered for authenticity.

Size: 18x36in

Oil on 7/8in canvas

Includes thin black frame

Shipped from Hawaii, USA

*Colors may vary due to screen settings. Painting includes shades of magenta, purple, black, gray and white.

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Painting's Story:

In 2020, I painted The Gateway to symbolize welcoming the new and releasing the old from the experience of a guided meditation to the Andromedan Galaxy. I enjoyed working with the pink and purple color palette that mirrored the ocean's colors from the Andromedan Galaxy. This painting was based from a photograph I took at the shorebreak of Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii. I changed the colors to match the vibration to open the third eye chakra to increase the connection with your intuition. The painting holds the energy to take a moment of stillness in order to transcend the shadows of the limiting mind.

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