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Monika Kupiec Art

Day 27: Mickey Mouse

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Day 27: Mickey Mouse

The next set of paintings will be raising our vibrations to attract the things we want

Messages from energy of Mickey Mouse: 

💛 Yellow: Assists in manifesting your dreams to reality. When you let your child self be free, your dreams are fulfilled more easily. Look at yellow to invite in your inner child today

🩴 Aqua: Everything begins from believing in yourself. Look to the background color to embody the joy that raises the vibration of who you are

🥊 Deep red: If you feel stuck, look to the deep red to see beyond the physical. Ask yourself, What do I need right now? If nothing comes up, go for a walk, do some cardio to release stagnant energy. Mickey Mouse is never sitting in one place. Follow your desires to the way you want to move your body 🎶

🎬 Black: Is the color to increase your trust in self. When drawn to this color, it’s a sign to declutter and change up your habits. Trust what you’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Take the first step and action today. You got this!

👀 White: Represents being transparent with oneself. When you stop becoming what is expected of you, you are able to express yourself through love and compassion 

🌸 Pink: Symbolizes love for self. When drawn to pink, take a day for self care

🌞 Gold: Represents confidence and courage. Affirm: I am courageous. Courage flows within me. I am willing to change for me. I believe in my dreams and ability to succeed. Today I choose for me. 

A more in depth description will be made when you 

Upgrade to a personalized written reading for what the colors mean for you or for the person you are gifting. 

4x4in Heavy Texture acrylic on wood canvas 

Ready to ship from Hawai'i 

Signed & numbered: 27/29

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